Volunteer of the Month: Sharon Pooler

This month we are honered to acknowledge Sharon Pooler as the Volunteer of the Month!

Sharon can always be seen throughout West View serving ice-cream, decorating Town Square and the tree, visiting with her therapy dogs or volunteering for Hospcie. Share has been a volunteer since 2006.  She first became familiar with WVHL when her mother and father came to West View to live. While visiting them she states, "It just felt like home, so I began to volunteer." She enjoys meeting new and interesting people, getting smiles from residents when she shares her dogs and being able to visit those who do not get visitiors. Sharon use to own Framers Guild & Glallery for 15 years. She sold her business to spend more time with her husband, 2 daughters, 1 son but mostly her parents. She also enjoys spending time with her 11 dogs. She is a member of St. Mary's. When she isn't volunteering, she enjoys art work, sailing and spending time with her 4 grandchildren. She enjoys bringing them in as well and sharing the volunteer experience.

Sharon, you go above and beyond are are so dedicated! We appreciate you very much. Thanks for all that you do as a volunteer!