West View

Volunteer Recognition Breakfast

This year National Volunteer Week is being celebrated April 10-16, 2016.  It is a yearly week of recognition for the many people in the U.S. who give generously of their time and resources to a huge variety of causes.  

We are fortunate to have many great volunteers here at West View Healthy Living. We recognized our volunteers with a breakfast on April 7. The theme was “ A Heart That Serves” . 

Our volunteers all have “Servant hearts” and give so much to us.  The staff in turn wanted to give them a day, recognize and serve them.  

West View Volunteer inducted into Wayne County Senior Hall of Fame

Recent article in the Daily Record:

WOOSTER -- Sharon Pooler has 10 dogs, all co-existing peaceably in her home.

Some are rescues, some are shelter dogs. A few, she said, are hand-me-downs. And on any given day, a few of them will jump in the car with her and head to West View Healthy Living in Wooster, where they will be greeted by both staff and residents alike.

They will make that trip five or six days a week every week. "It can be for an hour," Pooler said. "It can be for 12 hours."

Therapy Food Drive

The West View Therapy Department has taken the Therapy Parnters November Challenge of "Giving Thanks/Thanksgiving & Family" by coordinating a food drive. They plan to donate all the food collected through the end of November to People to People MInistries. There are several drop boxes throughout the facility that anyone can make a food donation in. For more information, stop by the Therapy Room! Way to give back Therapy Team!

West View proud to announce NEW I Prefer Program!

West View is pleased to announce a new program to help people communicate their choice of health care providers to their doctor, hospital staff, and family members.  This new program is called I Prefer West View. Unless you communicate your choice of health care providers, your doctor, specialists or even hospital staff may make that choice for you. When hospitalized, for example, you may be took weak or vulnerable to make the same choices you would have if you had planned ahead and made your preference known.