Culinary Delights

Residents will enjoy selecting all their meals from a menu and dining on fine china and linens. Our dining services staff will provide elegant meals carefully prepared and graciously served.

"That smells good!” This comment is often heard from our residents as the three nourishing meals are being prepared and brought to the dining rooms. A good diet is one key to good health. At West View Healthy Living, meals are tailored to each resident’s specific nutritional needs. Mealtimes are an integral part of the day for residents, and West View staff make every effort to ensure that dining is a pleasant experience as well as nourishing and delicious.

Five dining rooms benefit our residents in many ways. The food stays warm (or cold), the ambience is cozier and more like home, which encourages communication and interaction between residents, and the aromas stimulate appetites. There is also a private dining room for entertaining guests and sharing a catered meal.

Learn more about our Dining with Friends program for those with memory loss.

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